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    Staining & Refinishing Projects in Sheboygan

    Staining & RefinishingAt Final Touch Painting & Drywall, we can provide a new life for your existing wood surfaces as we can do staining & refinishing for homes or offices. We can do cabinet doors, decks, paneling, and doors too. Call today and schedule an appointment with our Sheboygan painters. You’ll find that when you’re seeking professionals, these guys are it. We can do whatever it takes in order to beautify your home once again as we do both interior and exterior work.

    Deck Maintenance

    There are ways in which to protect your deck. A deck can be a place where families can entertain and share meals together. You always want it in the best possible shape. At Final Touch Painting & Drywall, we can make sure that your deck is resurfaced and looking & feeling great once again.

    Fence Maintenance

    There are lots of stain types to make your fence come to life. Stains come in all types and colors for your convenience. Don’t try to do the work on your won when you can call for our professional services and save money and aggravation in Sheboygan.

    Cabinet Projects

    When faced with having to replace kitchen cabinets or have them serviced, you can always turn to Final Touch Painting & Drywall for options. We can make your cabinets look just like new. Instead of replacing them and spending top dollar on new quality cabinets, we can make them look like you did.

    Hiring Professional Painters

    Getting a professional painter is easy because everyone has a professional tag attached to their names. But getting a real professional that can take care of the wood elements in the home; you call ones that have these certain traits and qualifications:

    • Experience
    • Professionalism
    • Affordable surface
    • Availability

    Benefits of Expert Services

    When it comes to saving the things in your home that mean a lot to you, it is safe to call on a professional to do so. With a professional, there are lots of benefits that come along with ours at Final Touch Painting & Drywall:

    • Work is done on time
    • Saves cabinetry, porches, decks, and trim


    The reason why so many homeowners turn to doing work on their own is to save money. Saving money and time is something that we all strive to do, but most often times, we botch DIY projects and end up having to call professionals in, which ends up costing more in the long run.For ways in which to have staining & refinishing done in your home, call Final Touch Painting & Drywall and see how they can save your structures from needing replaced. We can make your cabinetry or deck look like-new once again and quickly.

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    If you are looking for Staining & Refinishing in Sheboygan then please call 920-287-2808 or complete our online request form.

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