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    Top Grade Specialty Coatings

    Specialty CoatingsThere are lots of ways to protect paint. It doesn’t matter if it’s you inter or exterior, you can bet that Final Touch Painting & Drywall can add extra protection to the home or commercial structures. High-performance wall coatings add a durable finish that can also be decorative. The specialty coatings that we use can be applied to over almost anything. They can be applied over concrete, drywall, Hardiplank, and laminates. This makes them highly resistant to scuffs, dirt, and grime.When it comes to different coatings, Final Touch Painting & Drywall has a variety of them. They are all based on the nature of your business and type of wear that has been experienced on your property. Our Sheboygan painters do everything from moisture-resistant barriers to protective coatings.

    Commercial Painting

    Specialty products are something that tends to separate us from other painters. We carry all types of coatings that will help to preserve your equipment and walls better. From commercial to residential, we can provide protective barriers in Sheboygan.


    Over time, Corrosion will set into commercial structures. This happens when the structures are not taken care of properly. Corrosion, if left go, can cause lots of damage and spread throughout causing replacement costs to skyrocket.


    There are lots of ways in which specialty products can save the life of almost anything in the home or commercial setting. Specialty products from Final Touch Painting & Drywall offer money savings and cost-effectiveness which traditional painting does not including the following benefits:

    • Longevity
    • Anti-rust
    • Anti-corrosion
    • Moisture resistant

    Pressure Washing

    Specialty products and sealants are not just made for commercial dwelling/structures; they are available to the interior of homes and exteriors too. Pressure washing is a type of specialty covering that will seal out algae and mold from growing.

    Interior Painting

    There is a lot to think about whenever it comes to the interior of the home. Whether or not you have given much thought to the paint, it is important that you keep it intact and the only way that you can do so is by adding specialty products to it.

    Exterior Painting

    Exterior is the same way, but the exterior faces more problems than the interior of a home as it is faced with inclement weather. Weather extremes can make your exterior need extra servicing sooner than later. This is why we offer specialty services for it.When it comes to getting specialty coatings in a residential or commercial setting, you can always count on Final Touch Painting & Drywall to deliver them to you. We have years of experience and want to get your home or office taken care of so that it becomes more efficient.

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