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    Skilled Trim Painting Service

    Trim PaintingWhen looking to decorate the look of the home, it is important that trim painting be incorporated. Final Touch Painting & Drywall will take care of your trim. This type of painting requires meticulous attention to detail as well as an experienced hand. We always incorporate both of them into the job. Why take chances whenever we can take care of the quality of your painting and make your trim stand out. We can give your home a more professional look and polish to it.Then interior of your rooms can be enhanced through depth and dimension. You’ll notice this and more whenever the trim is painted professionally. Not only can our Sheboygan painting contractors clean up your trim, but also fix the dents and nicks in the wall too. This will help make your walls look practically new.

    Doing it Right

    There are many companies that tend to overlook how to paint the trim and woodwork properly. We all the necessary steps to ensure that your trim work is in great condition.Whenever you choose Final Touch Painting & Drywall, you’ll see immediately that we pay attention to the small details that are big & small which includes:

    • Thorough cleaning
    • Taping & using drop cloths
    • Sanding
    • Priming
    • Painting


    Before we begin the job in Sheboygan, we clean the trim using a gentle and safe solution. This takes away smoke stains, and other types of backed in dirt. Any way that we can get it cleaned before painting, we make the effort.

    Taping & Using Drop Cloths

    We take extra special care of the floors and walls by taping everything down and using drop cloths. This helps prevent any staining to your carpeting/floors. We take care of the project in professional manner and treat all homes and commercial spaces with respect.


    The repair work is only half of what we do at Final Touch Painting & Drywall. We also can sand down the trim for a better and more balanced look. This all depends on the current condition of the trim. Sanding also helps to adhere the primer and paint better.


    We are able to choose the appropriate primer for the trim. There’s no guess work involved with our painting service. Latex primer is not right for all jobs. We can apply all types of primers from alkyd to alcohol-based for the best performance.For maximum beauty inside the home, go with the services of Final Touch Painting & Drywall and you’ll be taken back by how professional and experienced we are. We are the number one in trim painting and have been so for many years.

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